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Saturday 22 of September, 2018


diabaid distinctive interdisciplinary system of medical care is based on the Integrated Clinics model together with Educational Programs, Physical and Socio-Cultural Activities and Management. Our professional teams in the areas of medical care, management, teaching and research have at their disposal a computerized medical history as the indispensable tool to keep a sole, complete and up-dated record of each patient since his/her first visit to our institution.

This new paradigm that relates biological facts with psycho-social and contextual factors as an indivisible unit, giving preeminence to strategies aimed at prevention, constitutes the scientific spirit that makes of Diabaid an efficient and humane medical care system.

Having our own experience in the development of Management Informatics Systems, namely DISEASE MANAGEMENT diabaid Program (D M d), as well as technology and human resources specialized in data processing, enables us to meet international standards and to offer medical institutions a wide variety of management services.

- General aims of D M d:

  1. D M d optimizes the accessibility of administrative, clinical and epidemic data in order not only to improve the quality of assistance offered but also the connection and interaction among institutions.
  2. Moreover, it maximizes cost reduction in the short and long run, thus facilitating the efficient administration of human, material and financial resources.

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