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Wednesday 12 of December, 2018

Clinical Research Unit

Our CRU involves a wide range of specialties in charge of highly qualified professionals both in the health system and the research field, reaching the best standards of patient enrollment in Clinical Trials.

PIs receive an internal training in GCPs and ICHs, a special review for every Protocol to be performed along with a close following of regulatory processes that ensure quality and fastness until IRB approval.

diabaid maintains a continuous communication and feed back with laboratories, sponsors and CROs; thus, a fast-tracking data flow is granted for every step in clinical trials.

Why to choose South America

The Southern Cone, particularly Argentina, has been facing a new phenomenon in the field of medical investigation since the beginning of the decade, namely a large number of proposals for clinical trials. This situation is easily understood taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. The South Cone possesses a high percentage of naive patients in almost all its countries.
  2. It has well-trained and experienced investigational sites with highly qualified professionals.
  3. It also features advantageous timeframes for the early phases, development and transmission of data as well as for the termination of clinical trials, bringing as a result a significant reduction in the Sponsors' budget.

Should you be looking for the best opportunity to develop your investigational project, please contact Gerardo Uviedo, MD at geruviedo@diabaid.org.ar or call +54-9-11-63320006 for further information

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