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Saturday 22 of September, 2018

About Us

diabaid, a young institution created in 2003, is devoted to:

  1. The assistance of diabetic patients of all ages as regards treatment, prevention, education and follow-up.
  2. The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of other chronic diseases.
  3. The training of health professionals connected with clinical research in all phases (pre-clinical and clinical until market drug set up) and SMO activities.
  4. Carry out researching activities acting as liaison between laboratories, international CROs and local and international investigational sites linked with PIs covering a wide range of specialties along a number of countries in Latin America (e.g.: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico).

Professional Staff

Liliana Pelegrina, MD

Liliana Pelegrina, is a Medical Doctor graduated at the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina in 1984, specialized in Endocrinology at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She qualified as Doctor in Health Services Management in the Research Development Center at the Medical College, UBA, in 2000 and also obtained a Master in Psico-Inmuno-Neuro-Endocrinology (PINE) from the University Foundation Dr. René Favaloro in Buenos Aires in 2001. Presently, she is the Medical Director of Diabaid, Center of Chronic Pathologies.

She started her practice at the Endocrinology and Adolescence Department of the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Pedro de Elizalde in Buenos Aires and then worked for ten years in both the Pediatric Department in Clínica del Niño and in the Endocrinology and Adolescence Department at the Pediatric Hospital Humberto Notti in Mendoza. She also acted as advisor for Health Reforms Projects for the National Institute of Social Security for the Retired and Pensioners (PAMI) and for Reforms in the Health Insurance System in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Salta.

She is currently a member of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, the Argentine Society of Endocrinology, the Argentine Society of Diabetes, the Latin American Society of Diabetes, the International Diabetes Federation, the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, the Society of PINE, the Foundation Gregory Bateson and the Minuchin Center for the Family, among others.

For two decades, she has been attending numerous postgraduate courses delivered by highly prestigious institutions, such as: Adolescence, Family and Drug Addiction (UBA); Endocrinology and Metabolism (Regional Center of Investigation-CRICYT); Continual Medical Education in Pediatrics (National University of Cuyo); Education in Health for Adolescents (UBA); Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in children and adolescents (Argentine Society of Diabetes-UBA); Genetics in Pediatrics (University of Rosario); Clinical Nutrition and Pathology in Nutrition and Metabolism (University Foundation Dr. René Favaloro); New Systems of Organization and Finance of Health (University Institute and Medicine Society-CEMIC); Program of Management Development (Management Development Center, Arthur Andersen); Program of Methodology in Research and Development in Pediatrics (Pediatrics Hospital Juan P. Garraham) among many others.

Gerardo Uviedo, MD
General and Vascular Surgeon
Chairman of the Investigational Unit

Gerardo Uviedo, MD, is a Staff Member of the Vascular Surgery department at Del Pilar Hospital and Chairman of the Vascular Surgery department at the Diabetic Foot Service at Diabaid Diabetes Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He obtained his MD degree at the National University of Rosario, where he acted as former instructor of General Surgery. He has fifteen years of clinical practice experience in General Surgery and Critical Care and ten years of experience in Vascular and Thoracic Surgery. He has worked in the area of implantable medical devices (Vascular Grafts, Sutures, Endocrinal Electrodes, and Catheters) since the early times of his career and has also published about several surgical topics. He has five years of Clinical Research experience in SNC, Cardiovascular and Oncology therapeutic areas, as well as experience in research.

He has been trained in GCPs and SOPs by Quintiles and Genzyme in Miami (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) respectively. In 2006 he joined Activa CRO, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is working currently in several clinical trials as a Clinical Monitor and Clinical Research Advisor.

Olga Carrettoni

Romulo Spadafora, MD
Nutrition Specialist

Silvia Althabe

Marta Palmerino, MD
Chief of the Teaching and Training Unit

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